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Monday, May 4, 2015

Dear Science

Originally Published: May 4, 2015
Written by Aaron Pan

Dear Science,

I remember our first meeting; it was in grade 4, and you had given me an implant of a fossil. Ever since that day, I’ve known that you are the one I’ve been waiting for.

Our journey together has taken us farther than I ever imagined. You have shown me everything from the Great Red Spot on Jupiter to a hydrochloric acid-sodium hydroxide titration. Science, you have shown me the world, and beyond.

Science, you are honestly the best thing ever. I have never valued anything so much. I found you because you are one I can use to share my deepest thoughts, my biggest worries, and all my excitement. Every time I write my lab reports, I dedicate it to science, the science that is around me, and the science I perform.

Every moment with you is filled with joy and fulfillment. Thank you for everything that you have done for me; I know I act like I don’t really care, but deep inside I am melting of your sweetness. Me and you, you and me, we together form real chemistry. You have inspired me to become a better person; you have taught me the importance of responsibility. I have become aware of the environmental impacts of my every move, and I will make every effort to minimize this. You have shown me a world from a new perspective, a microscopic perspective, where in which empty space is sparsely filled with tiny electrons, protons, and neutrons. I will never forget how empty this universe really is; I will never forget how little probability there is for me to find matter, the matter of science.

I work hard to be able to stay with you. The long nights of solving physics equations, filled with propagating uncertainties and making insignificant assumptions. But I know you are worth it, because you have shown me the courage to pursuit my dream, and make a positive impact for myself and others in the future. Every joule I put into my work gets efficiently transferred to do work in you.

Science, I love you so much, and I appreciate that I have you in my life. I know we have reactions of ups and downs, but we will always find the energy to continue moving up. Don’t worry, Science, I would never cheat on you, not even on Math. You know it too!

Your True Love,
Aaron Pan

P.S. Take me travelling this summer, to a black hole, so that we can be together as one forever.

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